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Infield scans your dependencies and guides you through complex upgrades step-by-step

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High-converting design

Incremental Upgrade Paths

Infield scopes out a clear and actionable sequence of steps that allow your team to upgrade without errors.


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Blocking Package Detection

Pinpoint and clear blockers that add friction to complex upgrades. Infield helps you identify and clear these roadblocks safely and efficiently.


High-converting design

Intelligent Target Selection

Intelligently select the set of target versions that maintain compatibility across your dependency graph and avoid the package manager trial and error.


The fastest loading speed

Verified Changelogs

Infield uses AI-enabled changelog auditing to interpret and classify every change by type - even undocumented ones.

How Infield Works..

Integrate Code

Use our Github app or CLI tool to connect your repo or just upload your Gemfiles.

Input Goals

Input your upgrade targets and security or dependency policies.

Upgrade Safely

Follow your automated Upgrade Path to upgrade safely and efficiently.

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"Infield made it painless to recognize and upgrade the components of our dependency stack that were most at-risk.”

James Cadena
Head of Information Security, Sana

"I've been a Ruby developer for over a decade and this is the first tool that I've seen that actually cuts down on maintenance research.”

Carlos Silva
Built for Ruby, but expanding soon..

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Free for 30 days, no credit card required

Built for Ruby, but expanding soon...