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Infield combines automation with a team of expert developers to upgrade open source software safely.

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Connect your code

Get started using our Github app or the Infield CLI tool to sync your dependencies from your local environment or CI pipeline.

Review upgrade backlog

Infield calculates a living upgrade plan that takes into account risk, effort, and intertwined direct and indirect dependencies.


Upgrade safely

Use our white glove service to do the tedious work of upgrading for you and you'll never worry about dependency management again. Or, choose one of our software-only plans to supercharge your upgrade work.


Infield picks up where scanners leave off

Fixes for breaking changes
Non-breaking upgrades
New version detection
Changelog research
Undocumented changes
1-month free trial
Track your keywords
New keyword ideas
Track all social media
Free marketing advice
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Track your keywords
Track your keywords
New keyword ideas
Track all social media
1-month free trial
Track your keywords
New keyword ideas
Track all social media
Automate social media


"It's just been so seamless that the team doesn't even have to think about upgrades and maintenance and patches anymore."

Joseph Gefroh
VP of Product and Engineering, HealthSherpa

"Infield almost mitigates the need for planning upgrades. It removes the guesswork and makes it feel less like heading into a jungle."

Luke Rodgers
Senior Engineer, Alice Financial

Never fall behind on dependency upgrades again.

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What languages does Infield support?

We currently support Ruby, JavaScript and Python.


What languages do you support?
Ruby, Javascript, Typescript, and Python with Java coming soon.

How is Infield different from a consultant?
Infield uses software to make dependency upgrades safer and more reliable. We scan your project to break upgrading down into many small, incremental steps. Progress is tracked over time on your dashboard so you can see how your dependency posture improves over time.

Can I use Infield if I have an internal team responsible for dependencies?
Yes. Check out the Platform page for more information on our self-serve upgrade management tool if you prefer to bring your own team.

How is Infield different than Dependabot?
Infield is a managed service that takes over responsibility for upgrading your app safely, including remediating breaking changes.